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Supercomputer speed. Human-like understanding.
Our technology is capable of providing a human-like understanding of both words and their context — ayfie’s technology extends far beyond merely the definition of a word. It knows the difference between a person, place, activity or thing that might all share the same “word.” For example, ayfie knows by context if “JFK” refers to an airport, person or highway.

Uncover risks and opportunities hidden in your data.
ayfie combines human-like comprehension with tools that can find, normalize and visualize structured and unstructured data at lightning speed. ayfie’s suite of products normalizes structured and unstructured data and can read over 450 file types from any storage location. It changes the way professionals connect the dots in their quest for answers, preventing costly mistakes and find competitive advantages.

ayfie’s module-based products are powerful building blocks. 
ayfie’s suite of products and solutions are engineered to work in combination with each other to solve complex business problems that cross industry-boundaries as well as ones that are industry specific. 

ayfie empowers legal firms to automate workflows and organize thousands of legal notes, files and contract collections to enhance case strategies and find the strongest evidence faster.

ayfie optimizes workflows, summarizes financial reports and categorizes data for financial institutions. ayfie even infers knowledge from qualitative data to create predictions and forecasts.

ayfie derives meaning from hidden correlations between symptoms, diagnoses, medications and outcomes from unstructured medical records including physicians’ freeform notes to create powerful predictive algorithms. 

ayfie helps to protect your customers PII by understanding where the data exists outside of the obvious locations — all to protect you and mitigate the impact of GDPR across all industries.

The ayfie Inspector - a powerful text analytics engine - indexes, understands and organizes massive amounts of unstructured content at lightning speed. It can be used as a standalone information explorer or integrated directly with leading eDiscovery applications and Business Intelligence platforms.

About Content Insights

The smart search platform ayfie Locator immediately indexes, normalizes and structures all types of structured and unstructured content from over 450 file types. Our tools effortlessly connect to leading enterprise content management systems,  cloud services and provide one-click access to all of the material.

About Knowledge Discovery

ayfie Predictor anticipates search queries and makes intelligent and relevant suggestions based on the content and user intent. ayfie provides instant search results directly within the search interface, guiding the user directly to the information they need.

About Predictive Search

ayfie Supervisor dives deep into both structured and unstructured content to reveal potential regulatory risk and helps take steps to mitigate possible after-effects. The first step to GDPR compliance is gaining full control of all personally identifiable information (PII), uncovering potential areas of exposure and opportunities for data cleanup.

About GDPR Compliance

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30 years of academic research ensures every one of ayfie’s products is designed and built with an unparalleled passion for and understanding of linguistics.

  • Unlock insight and value from structured and unstructured content 
  • Access data across multiple systems in over 450 file types
  • Find information regardless of file location, format or language
  • Extract, correlate and organize entities including people, places, organizations and times (e.g., Who did what when?)
  • Streamline enterprise workflows to accelerate innovation and improve efficiency
  • Ensure PII data is identifiable for GDPR compliance as well as other key regulations

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