ayfie Accelerator is a workflow management and review platform supercharged with ayfie’s unique text-analytics engine.

It gives legal teams the ability to synchronize their work on a single platform. Workflow management has never been this streamlined. 

Accelerate Analysis And Discovery In An Easy-To-Use Interface
Self-serve access to high-performance workflows empowers teams. ayfie Accelerator’s user-friendly interface provides the ability to see patterns, relationships and spatial inconsistencies often allowing decision makers to evaluate the merits of a case earlier in its lifecycle. It is incredibly intuitive and accessible on desktops, phones and tablets — 24 hours a day from anywhere.


Gain a Competitive Edge With Accelerator

  • Flexibility, Scalability and Power: Adapt to changing case-loads with expanded data storage plus boost performance with on-demand worker resource allocation.
  • Speed and Accuracy: Refine accuracy with predictive review, statistical sampling and report graphs plus identify conceptual trends with clusters; retrieve conceptually similar documents and identify near-duplicates.
  • Simplified, Consistent Review: Easily share project material and external resources with collaborative tools — comments, messages and notifications; optimize native file and image review with dual monitor use, in the browser of your choice.

Improve Productivity and Security

  • Graphical, Intuitive Dashboard: Speed-up decision making and productivity with customizable dashboard and graphical views of data.
  • Powerful Production Tools: Produce native files, images and withhold redacted text as needed for seamless integration with other leading products.
  • Faster, Precise Production Tools: Consistent and repeatable production workflow for co-workers with production templates.
  • Multi-Level Security System: Protect critical data with powerful multi-factor authentication. Ensure data protection with customizable access by project, database, role or use

The graphic dashboard helps organize information to streamline workflows and make effective decision-making easier and faster for every user.

Access the powerful document preview function to identify and determine the relevancy of documents as well as quickly organize items.

Make smarter decisions, faster with a graphic view of your data — patterns and conceptual trends emerge to help informed decision-making.

ayfie Accelerator’s customized dashboard provides quick access to expandable collaborative tiles.

Gain a competitive edge with ayfie Accelerator and give your legal teams the ability to synchronize their work on a single platform with an easy-to-use intuitive interface.

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