• Power workflows discretely or directly within the Relativity® review platform
  • Provide rapid insight into contractual commitments and easily identify risks, obligations and opportunities
  • Turn confusing, disorganized unstructured content into sortable and searchable structured data
  • Automatically extract and contextualize the most important contractual semantic facts, including the type of agreement, expiration date, financial terms, contracting parties, renewal terms, effective dates, currencies and more
  • Compare clauses by matching “approved clauses” to near-duplicates and highlight differences
  • Ease the M&A process by simply presenting the commitments, liabilities and obligations of a company to be acquired
  • Compare vendor contracts between companies

ayfie is the logical next step to text analytics, extracting true meaning by preserving phrases and context of unstructured content.

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Other text analytics platforms see tokens. ayfie sees meaning.


Drawing on more than 30 years of research into linguistics and semantics and more than a decade of experience in enterprise search, ayfie Inspector goes beyond "AI" to find and extract contractual terms just like a human being – only exponentially faster. The platform employs linguistic methods, semantics and local grammars To contextualize and normalize all text in source documents. Other text analytics platforms see tokens; ayfie Inspector identifies meaning.

ayfie Inspector, a powerful text analytics engine that indexes, understands and organizes massive amounts of content at lightning speed, can now be deployed to extract rapid insights from repositories of contracts.


Contextualize and aggregate data locked in contracts.

Take control of large content repositories.

Enjoy unparalleled insights into terms & entities.

  • Normalize and structure data contained in all your corporate contracts – including across companies during the M&A due diligence process. 
  • Find parent-child relationships between documents.
  • Quickly and accurately extract discrete data points such as parties, key clauses, dates and more.
  • Save time and money crafting new contracts with Clause Suggest, an exclusive feature that finds similar clauses across the entire contract portfolio, allowing vetted language to be easily re-used.


Extract structured data from contracts, no matter the source format. Easily exchange information with Relativity®. See ayfie Inspector in action today!

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