When legal, financial, life sciences and publishing industries need to find crucial information within their unstructured content, ayfie’s highly scalable text analytics engine is the answer. ayfie Inspector indexes, analyzes and organizes massive amounts of content at lightning speed. 

Writing complex search queries in legacy analytics tools from scratch is time-consuming and error-prone — if it is possible at all. ayfie Inspector is a powerful solution that combines superior linguistic processing technology with a user-friendly interface and visualizations. Take advantage of its proven capabilities today to increase your company’s efficiency, productivity and profitability.

  • Leverage years of development time spent combining the cutting edge of linguistic knowledge with a user-friendly interface.
  • Quickly extract relevant insights and information, tag documents for relevance and gain an unparalleled understanding of the issue or concept at hand.
  • Churn through massive amounts of content and utilize the assistance of real-time search suggestions to easily locate discrete entities or terms.
  • Cluster and categorize documents to speed up research and aggregate understanding of large content bases.
  • Benefit from a unique text analytics engine that requires no training documents and works on any size corpus.

Matters are producing increased data volumes with more complex assessment and review challenges.

Therefore, leading eDiscovery software companies, law firms and legal services organizations choose ayfie’s text analytics engine to powerfully cull documents early in cases, support more efficient review, prioritize hot documents, provide representative sampling, cluster similar documents and predict responsiveness during review. 

ayfie is the logical next step from traditional LSI-based approaches to text analytics, extracting true meaning by preserving phrases and context of unstructured data, such as contracts, email threads, slide decks and reports. ayfie delivers actionable information that fuels highly efficient workflows.

Our linguistic modules for eDiscovery

  • Reveal key players, facts and insights locked away in massive amounts of unstructured content.
  • Make unstructured content available for in-depth semantic analytics, data extraction and content aggregation.
  • Benefit from exploratory faceted search for quick filtering and tagging of hot documents.
  • Rapidly cull documents early in a case.
  • View email threads based on normalized subject lines, people and message content.
  • Search documents as simply as searching the internet or power complex workflows with our comprehensive API.
  • Leverage an enterprise-grade foundation for review platforms, document archiving systems, business intelligence and knowledge management applications.
  • ayfie can’t replace human workers, but it can make their eDiscovery jobs significantly easier.


ayfie’s enterprise-grade text analytics platform enables organizations to understand what is in their contracts for transactional due diligence, management and compliance.

ayfie normalizes and structures data across all of your contracts, quickly and accurately extracting contract type, contract values, expiration dates, financial terms, parties and other pertinent key data points. ayfie’s enterprise-grade text analytics helps you gain rapid insight into contractual commitments, easily identify risks, obligations and opportunities and prioritize high-value and high-impact agreements. This can rapidly differentiate your services from your competitors while reducing the time and cost of transactional due diligence.  

  • Automatically index, analyze and organize massive amounts of content at lightning speed to rapidly extract insights across contract repositories.
  • Normalize and structure data across all of your contracts, quickly and accurately extracting contract type, contract values, expiration dates, financial terms, parties, etc.
  • Classify, compare and standardize individual clauses across all departments.
  • Gain rapid insight into contractual commitments, easily identify risks, obligations and opportunities and prioritize high-value and high-impact agreements.
  • Reduce the time and cost of transactional due diligence. 
  • Quickly respond to regulatory changes (e.g. IFRS 16 guidance for accounting on leases or GDPR).
  • Integrate directly with leading review platforms, such as Relativity®, to create meaningful reports and workflows.
  • ayfie Inspector reads almost like a human being and is able to comprehend the context, concept and complexity of unstructured content.

Law firms, enterprise counsel and service providers can utilize ayfie Inspector as a standalone data explorer or use its functionality as part of eDiscovery platforms such as Relativity®, ONE Discovery or iCONECT-XERA®.

No matter which interface you choose, the integrated ayfie solution will make your workflows more efficient and empower knowledge workers to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Efficient review of contract repositories, improving risk management and M&A due diligence
  • Culling of large content collections – saving effort and money on data processing and hosting
  • Proven in healthcare, finance, publishing, legal and government applications
  • Direct integration with leading eDiscovery platforms, maximizing existing technology investments
  • Easy platform access via comprehensive, well-documented APIs
  • Extraction of actionable, contextualized information from contracts, email threads, slide decks, chat logs, reports and other unstructured content
  • Agile development offers flexible handling of feature requests 
  • Easy Docker deployment for cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Optional premium support, including a dedicated Slack channel
  • ayfie Inspector integrates with leading eDiscovery platforms, including easy tab access within Relativity®.

We solve business problems with text analytics tailored to your needs by leveraging natural language processing, guided machine learning, linguistic analysis and years of experience. Ready to start seeing value from your content?

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