Total Visibility — No Matter Where Your Information Is

With ayfie Locator enterprise indexing and search software, you can put an end to restrictive data silos, transform user experience, increase productivity, gain greater IT agility without losing control — let our employees find information they did not know existed.





Make your content accessible anytime, anywhere. ayfie Locator pulls all your enterprise data into a Universal Index™. Coordinate your efforts across teams or across the globe without duplicating documents or data. 

Automatic indexing of hundreds of proprietary file formats and images. Use previews within the built-in web front-end. ayfie Locator is extemely intuitive — if you can use Google, you can use ayfie Locator.

ayfie Locator provides fast and intelligent views into your most relevant information by automatically identifying meaning across multiple data sources — all while respecting user access rights.

ayfie Locator is specifically designed to sift through huge amounts of unstructured written content — Big Data.

Making smarter decisions has never been easier.

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Productivity Boost

  • Single-point access: Log in once to search dozens of data silos simultaneously.
  • One-click retrieval: Access original sourced documents without knowing the file name or logging into the target app.
  • Deep search: Leverage powerful OCR technology to search content inside each file — not just metadata and file names.
  • Natural language: Search naturally. There is no need to learn complex query structures or rules.
  • Universal access: Use the system from anywhere through the responsive user interface or the mobile app. 

Simplified IT

  • Non-disruptive deployment: Leave data where it is. No messy conversion, integration or custom coding required.
  • Integrated security: Access and authorizations comply with security schemas already in place.
  • Real-time indexing: Keep your index up-to-date at all times.
  • Migration support: Protect your investment in legacy apps while you migrate to a modern environment.
  • Easy scalability: Start small and scale fast to any amount of data or number of users, without custom development or integration time.

ayfie Locator is a very powerful knowledge discovery platform designed to solve the problem of Big Text. See how your team can collaborate, innovate and make smarter decisions faster today!

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