Be Certain Your Enterprise Is GDPR Compliant.​​​​​​
The first step to compliance is understanding what is in your data — and then taking control — but personally identifiable information (PII) is not always stored in nicely structured files. It could be buried in anything from emails and PDFs to any number of custom data repositories or digital archives. 


Total Visibility — No Matter Where PII Might Be
With ayfie Supervisor, you know exactly what information you have and where it is stored, enabling you to delete, move, or secure PII data in compliance with GDPR. 

Instantly find all data associated with an EU resident, no matter where or how it’s stored in your systems. 

Easily understand which users and what aspects of their data, have been impacted by a data breach. ayfie Supervisor enables you to quickly generate summary and detail reports for the data in question.

Easily export and transfer PII in a readable, usable format, like PDF or CSV.

Analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured content, giving you real access to your information and all the PII in it. 

  • Schedule pre-built reports to run automatically, alerting you to unexpected changes.
  • Be informed when data has been added or modified.
  • Compare reports easily to find changes to data sets.
  • Export data and reuse across your full suite of analytics tools.

Analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured content. Get true access to your information and the PII in it. Experience true certainty about your GDPR exposure.

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