Humans continuously curate knowledge
in the form they know best:
natural language. 

A large part of the world’s information is unstructured. That means it is available in natural language text, accessible to humans who are willing to invest the time to read it, but inaccessible to any but the most rudimentary automated analysis. As such, unstructured information is still the stepchild of the big data revolution. Words matter but have little value without context. This juncture between query and understanding is where ayfie makes a difference. 

Even looking at Wikipedia and its structured siblings DBpedia and Wikidata, it becomes evident that much more information is generated in unstructured form even today than is codified in formats accessible to computation. The fate of the semantic web painfully illustrates this.

ayfie unlocks knowledge. ayfie unearths the sematic structure behind troves of text and makes knowledge accessible to analysis and prediction algorithms even in its most unstructured form. ayfie uncovers the meaning in words so they really can matter.

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