• Empower employees to instantly find and use documents and data from any storage location. 
  • Better manage and leverage content across several platforms and environments.
  • Extract immediate insights from unstructured content eliminating the need to manually search through multiple document management systems, file servers, mailboxes or databases.
  • Create opportunities for meaningful collaboration and knowledge sharing between individuals and departments.
  • Immediately index, normalize and structure all types of structured and unstructured content from over 450 file types, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, HTML files, emails and more.
  • Retrieve relevant results based on sophisticated proprietary algorithms.

Learn how ayfie Locator can support you with your Knowledge Discovery.

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Unify All of Your Systems and Extract Real-time Insights

Backed by more than 30 years of linguistic research, ayfie Locator is a knowledge discovery platform capable of contextualizing Big Data content with the same degree of accuracy as structured files including spreadsheets and tables. The client retains all control over rights management, however, in areas where discovery is essential and required, information that was once locked away becomes instantly accessible and usable - all from a single search bar.

ayfie Locator’s pre-built connectors for leading ECM systems, email clients, database technologies and cloud services make setup a breeze. Forget expansive customization tasks; all you have to do is configure a few basic settings in the existing platforms.

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Make better, faster decisions with instant access to all your content.

Boost employee productivity and reduce non-value-add work.

Minimize duplicate work and nurture a culture of collaboration and innovation.

More about ayfie Locator

  • ayfie Locator makes all your structured and unstructured content located in any system accessible to all authorized users anytime, anywhere, on any device. Coordinate efforts across teams, departments or the globe without duplicating documents or data.
  • Search using intuitive queries, not complex expressions or variables. Forget about remembering exact file names or metadata; ayfie Locator looks deep into the content itself to deliver the most relevant results possible.
  • Enjoy total security. ayfie Locator does not make copies of your documents and respects the security mechanisms of source systems.

ayfie Locator is the only knowledge discovery platform designed to solve the problem of Big Data. Learn how your team can collaborate, innovate and make smarter decisions faster today.

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