• Rapidly cull documents early in a case, reducing the cost and time associated with processing and review.
  • Understand and contextualize core facts in documents, then create connections between documents by identifying relationships between relevant entities.
  • Provide precise and actionable insight into the content of unstructured documents, like Word documents, emails, PowerPoint slides and PDFs; ayfie recreates email threads based on normalized subject lines, people and message content.
  • Cluster and categorize documents to speed research and aggregate understanding of large content bases.

Aided Intelligence for eDiscovery

ayfie derives conceptual meaning from small datasets, documents, and text by using a combination of machine learning and linguistics. With robust and customizable dictionaries and grammars, ayfie analyzes the meaning across some sentences, a few paragraphs, or an entire document.

With incredible accuracy, ayfie trains on large datasets to find similar concepts in a collection of documents. ayfie’s toolset examines individual words, their application and context, and how frequently they appear together to identify patterns across thousands of records using advanced mathematics and hundreds of dimensions.

ayfie’s toolset then matches-up the values it derives against a given concept and assigns a relevance ranking to documents based on findings. Similarly, it ranks the individual words in documents. The ayfie Index contains values that expose how everything is related. This ability enables ayfie to provide conceptual search to create clusters of related documents to support the needs of any legal professional.

Technology Aided Review with ayfie

ayfie enables systems for the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a law suit or investigation. ayfie powers technology-aided review (TAR) through collection, processing, securing, organization and search. The document store and linguistic technology runs in a highly distributed fashion by design while still maintaining cost efficiency and performance for small data sets. From a couple of word documents to petabytes of data, it can handle it all.

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ayfie combines best of breed open source search and data technology with our proprietary super-performant language analysis and information extraction frameworks. Our platform enables powerful information discovery applications and helps users navigate to and find all related content across the enterprise. With the ayfie platform our clients get access to high-coverage electronic dictionaries that help recognize all the different forms in which a word may appear. ayfie's dictionaries comprises all major European languages.

Verticals or domains such as fashion, travel, consumer electronics or medicine require specialized dictionaries for proper query analysis and in-depth text mining. Through collaboration with industry experts, ayfie has gathered many man years' worth of specialized semantic resources. These resources include keyword lists, synonym and hyponymy tables and disambiguation rules.

  • Extensive out-of-the-box dictionaries for many verticals and domains
  • Proven and manageable processes to update and enrich these dictionaries
  • Processes to detect and harness reference lists available on the Web


The only way to correctly and efficiently extract the right information. Integrate information from every corner of your digital landscape. Connect to, index and search your CMS, DMS, CRM, email, business application and so much more. Don’t see your system? We build custom connectors.

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ayfie toolset is Best of Breed in EDRM.


ayfie is built to scale from the get go. The document store and linguistic technology runs in a highly distributed fashion by design, while still maintaining cost efficiency and performance for small data sets. From a couple of word documents to petabytes of data, ayfie can handle it all. 

Our linguistic modules for eDiscovery

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