• ayfie Inspector is a highly scalable text analytics engine that indexes, understands and organizes massive amounts of content at lightning speed – all within the Relativity® ecosystem.
  • ayfie Inspector combines entity identification, normalization, data visualization and analytics to power Relativity® workflows and allows lawyers, investigators and knowledge workers to extract value and meaning from unstructured content.
  • Power workflows for early case assessment (ECA), technology-assisted review (TAR), M&A due diligence and contract portfolio review.

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The Relativity App Hub now includes ayfie Inspector.

Relativity App Hub

Next-generation Text Analytics & Data Exploration

Backed by more than 30 years of research into linguistics and semantics and more than a decade of enterprise search experience, ayfie Inspector empowers organizations to extract maximum value from their investment in Relativity® by simplifying the assessment and review of unstructured content. Other text analytics platforms see letters and words as groups of symbols, devoid of context.

ayfie goes further than other “AI” solutions, employing linguistic methods, semantics and local grammars to contextualize, normalize and truly understand even the largest corpus. The results? Supercharged workflows, intuitive content search, and rich, actionable analytics.

Enhance the Relativity® platform's native capabilities.

Turn confusing, unstructured content into understandable, structured data.

Gain rapid insight into contractual commitments & easily identify risks.

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  • ayfie Inspector makes unstructured content – like contracts, email threads, Word documents, PowerPoint slides, PDFs and more – available for in-depth semantic analytics, data extraction and content aggregation.
  • ayfie Inspector’s hyper-normalization capabilities put all documents and content in statistical relation to each other, extracting entities like people, locations, organizations and times, then providing them as suggestions and drill-down options for further research.
  • ayfie Inspector makes tangible the value hidden in your unstructured content – accessible directly within Relativity®. The ayfie approach to clustering, categorizing and aggregating documents gives users comprehensive understanding of large content bases.

Revolutionize your Relativity® ECA, TAR and contract review workflows with human-like understanding and maximize your investment. See ayfie Inspector in action today!

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